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John carpenter is releasing a collection of the best music of his movies!

Today we learned about the death of another famous horror Director, but, fortunately, the great John carpenter is alive, healthy and full of creative energy, despite a very respectable year. Carpenter – figure for genre cinema is quite unique, as it not only removed a lot of cult movies (“Halloween”, “the Fog, In the mouth of madness”, “Vampires”, etc.), but many of them also composed the music. And as a composer and musician John was no less successful than as a screenwriter and Director.

Now 69-year-old carpenter he is no longer making films because he believes the stress from such work is too hazardous to their health. But John tied up as Executive producer in several projects, including a new film series “Halloween” and continues to write music and perform concerts.

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The new album of the master got a name “Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998”, and it really is a real anthology of musical creativity the carpenters. It includes 13 re-recorded tracks from the films of carpenter, since tapes 1974 “Dark star” and ending with the picture of the 1998 “Vampires”. In the record of John, as in the case with his album “Lost Themes”, it helped his son Cody and godson Daniel Davies.

The track listing for the album:

  • In the Mouth of Madness
  • Assault on Precinct 13
  • The Fog
  • Prince of Darkness
  • Santiago (Vampires)
  • Escape From New York
  • Halloween
  • Porkchop Express (Big Trouble in Little China)
  • They Live
  • The Thing
  • Starman
  • Dark Star
  • Christine
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    A piece of album you can listen to:

    The release will take place October 20 on the label Sacred Bones Records, where you already can pre-order issue, if that.

    And at the end of October and almost all November, the carpenter will perform with their music in different cities of USA and Canada – the tour will start in Las Vegas (October 29) and will end on November 19 in new York.

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