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John Bernthal wanted to abandon the role of the Punisher

Just over a week ago, Netflix released the first season of the series The Punisher, who was waiting with the moment as soon as John Bernthal first appeared in “Daredevil.” The actor perfectly fit into the image, brought to life character, instantly putting the blade all the previous incarnations on the screen. But who would have thought that the actor was not going to associate themselves with the show!

In a recent interview with Variety , Bernthal told about his attitude to superheroes, but also about what the Punisher scared him.

To be completely Frank, become part of the superhero franchise was not something so, what I really wanted. I was not interested. Many of the men that I really admire the actors that I really equals, avoided all this.

Indeed, many respected actors with disdain for movies and telecomics with characters in masks. To some it may seem childish, ridiculous, others complain that the draft giants such as Marvel and DC are purely commercial, production control is too cruel, and to freedom of creativity have no place. What persuaded Bernthal? According to him, when he learned more about Frank castle, a character caught him.

He has no super strength, he does not wear a mask. He is a grieving father and husband who comes in after this incredibly traumatic event. This was something that scared and intrigued me.

Really, the Punisher is a complex character with a deep and powerful drama that defines him as a person. The loss of loved ones in the comics are not uncommon, even in stamp, which is used to prescribe the hero motivation. However, Frank castle is one of the few who respond to a brutal loss realistic. He — man with a pronounced post-traumatic stress disorder, an old soldier who had seen too much and lost faith in the ideals that had previously supported him. Too common story, but from our reality.

Remembering his first appearance in the image of the castle in “Daredevil”, Bernthal says:

I saw how much freedom and time gave Charlie Cox in the episode where he gives a monologue. There are so many possibilities. You don’t often see things on television and especially in this genre. They are given time for execution, to make the character to life, and you will know who this guy is. And then I saw Vincent D’onofrio doing his job. This is the world in which I want to play.

Not to say that Marvel TV series on Netflix is my favorite show in General, but I definitely put them above franchises with characters from the same publisher. The elaboration of the characters, including the villains, the atmosphere, the intrigue, the variety of approaches in different projects — it all inspires respect. To be honest, before “the Punisher” I have not reached the hands, but it is temporary.

What do you think about this show?

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