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Joe hill called the 5 scariest horror movies

New film “It” (It) in the top ranks last. But damn it, this is the “last” is actually fifth place in the top horror movies, but it’s worth a lot!

This week, writer (“Horn”, “Country Christmas”) and author of comics (“the Keys of Locke”), Joe hill (real name Joseph Hillstrom king, because he, if someone does not know – a native son of Stephen king) answered the public’s questions on TV. Among other things, hill told about that, about what we already know – that Andres Mosketti will shoot a pilot episode of “the Keys of Loki” graphic novel by hill. Joe recalled that on account of Mosketti atmospheric horror “Mama,” and that Moscetti got a new version of “It”.

King, Sr. had already seen “It”, but Joe hill also managed to see this movie a few weeks ago and fell in love with him. Hill said his “humanity”, how great it shows the characters of the book, but it focused attention on the fact that “It” Mosketti was very scary. So that Joe knows only four films that are scarier.

What kind of movies that Joe hill scared more than “It”? The writer did not arrange them in order of size, so we give this short list in the order in which the movies he listed.

5 most terrifying horror movie version of Joe hill:

“It” occupies the fifth place:

“Jaws” By Steven Spielberg:

“The exorcist” William Friedkin leads many tops of this kind:

“The thing” by John carpenter is also included in this top:

The last hill has mentioned the tape, “Let me in”, however it is not clear whether he had in mind the original 2008 film or a Hollywood remake, so just in case remember both films:

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