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Jim Carrey has played in his first bed scene

Джим Керри сыграл в своей первой постельной сцене Earlier, the actor avoided such roles.

In our time, explicit scenes in the movie will surprise few people. But if the actor who never starred in such episodes, to suddenly go to that, then the viewers will definitely be shocked. So, Jim Carrey all of a sudden appeared in the intimate scene of the series “just Kidding.”

On 9 September on the American channel Showtime has launched a new tragic and comic series called “Joking” with Jim Carrey in the title role. 56-year-old actor appeared in the form of good and sentimental leading children’s show Mr. Pickles, which is trying to help others, but to solve their problems. The latest edition of the series has provoked much discussion among the audience.

The script is the hero Kerry arrives in hospital, where he happens intimacy with the girl, sick with cancer.

Surprisingly, previously refused from such scenes, the actor has agreed to star in a Frank episode. as reported by the journalists of the British portal Daily Mail, the 56-year-old actor this erotic scene became the first in his career.

According to many fans, Jim Carrey decided to afford such a bold act under the curtain of his career. The more that the famous comedian has repeatedly said that it intends shortly to cease to be in a movie. Another reason is the long time depression after the suicide of his former lover, Irish beautician Katrina white.

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