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Jessica Lange will return to “American horror story”?

I think no one would argue with the fact that the series “American horror story” has collected a truly magnificent acting team, and a long time one of its main decorations were the Jessica Lange. After the fourth season, “freak show”, she left the project, but the hope of her return is still there. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Today — TA-Dah, congratulations! the famous actress turned 68 years old, but it is clearly lost neither his energy nor skill. If you don’t know this lady grabbed at the time, a couple of Oscars (for his role in the melodrama “Blue sky” and “Tootsie”) and still fiercely loved by the public.

Not that “American horror story” somehow weakened without lang, because there still is a versatile Sarah Paulson, awesome Frances Conroy, brilliant Denis O’hare, stunning Kathy Bates and pet the girls, Evan Peters, and of many others.

And yet such epic comeback is epic, isn’t it?

Again, the show’s Creator Ryan Murphy has long said that each season of the anthology though, and tells their own history, but also intersects with the others, together creating something bigger, a huge picture that we have yet to see the whole thing. Evidence of this in the series a lot, but now we are promised a full crossover “the murder House” and “Coven” — the first and third seasons of the show. It is noteworthy that both starred Jessica Lange. And yet her character from “the murder House” survived, and generally the story was not told until the end, so…

However, what he says Ryan Murphy?

I think she’ll come back if I give her a good enough offer, you know. I actually don’t talked about it since we still think over this story, but I think we really do it.

Then comeback. But when?

The fact that plans Murphy can spread to a rather distant future, because “American horror story” is very successful, it was extended until ninth season, although seventh out! So the promised crossover “the murder House” and “Coven” could happen soon.

However, the very next season, little is known at the moment. Murphy hinted that there will be a couple of characters from “freak show”, and that the story will revolve around the presidential elections in 2016, and one of the heroes could become Donald trump, but I suspect it was a joke, emphasizing that adok, then what is happening in the United States. However, you never know, right?

Anyway, waiting for the fall the new season of “American horror story” and in the future, the return of the incomparable Jessica Lange.

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