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Jennifer aniston told the children about sex toys

The star of the show “Friends” came to the Studio at all. It was an ordinary interview as part of the promotional campaign of her new movie “new year party”, aniston and Directors Josh Gordon and will Speck joked, answering questions leading.The confusion came when the guests asked what do Jennifer aniston with her characters from “Friends” and “Horrible bosses.” “A little of both,” joked Josh Gordon. And then aniston put unexpected remark.

Jennifer aniston told the children about sex toys

“Just no sex toys.” – said aniston to the words of Directors.

Everything was confused, because in the Studio among the guests was a large group of children with disabilities from charity show The BBC Rickshaw Challenge. They were also invited to a TV show, and they did not expect to hear something like that. Moreover, in the UK there is a law regulating the time when the to adult content may be broadcast. Replica aniston sounded two hours before this moment.

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Literally, the dialogue sounded. Presenters Matt Baker and Alex Jones ask the Directors of the film: “What it’s like working with Jennifer? It’s Rachel from “Friends” or [Julia] from “Horrible bosses”?
John Gordon: “Hmm, good question! Probably, it has something from both. She is very cute and unpredictable. But in some positive sense, it is a boss. It has its own point of view at all, it is a good sense of his character. She always tries to do the maximum quality of what is written in the script”.
Jennifer aniston: “no sex toys” (all laugh).
Matt Baker: “what do you think, Jennifer, this is an adequate assessment?”
Jennifer Aniston: “Well! I was quite satisfied with such a description. You’re the boss, you ensure that everything went according to rules.”

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Movie trailer “new year party”

Leading tried to pretend they didn’t hear what aniston said, and quickly led the conversation in another direction. But the audience of the TV program reacted instantly. Posts about replica American movie star was overwhelmed with Twitter, which of course was a great advertisement for the Christmas Comedy “Christmas party”.

Twitter is overflowing with quotes Jennifer aniston

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