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Jennifer aniston commented on the rumors about her pregnancy

Дженнифер Энистон прокомментировала слухи о своей беременностиNews that Jennifer aniston is expecting first child appear in the network regularly.

However, still it all were only rumors.

And if fans of the actress is the only upset, for her this Tama, turned out to be very painful. In an interview with Glamour magazine, Jennifer admitted that every time greatly upset when he sees the network title about her “pregnancy”.

“I would like to forbid the media to use my picture with my arm around your belly and the caption “Finally pregnant!” — admitted the actress.

“People are just doing your photograph and compose themselves under it history. If you ate a piece or two, or you just have bloating, they interpret clearly: you’re pregnant. No, I’m not pregnant! It’s just my body! A child is a personal matter, which is going to start it, and no one’s more” — spoke out the celebrity.

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“My idea of what a happy and full life may differ from the perceptions of other people. After all they own. And nobody has the right to judge someone else for any choice. No one knows what goes on in another family, and whether there are children or not. This is a very difficult topic. Especially for me,”
— admitted the actress.

Also, the actress spoke about modern attitudes towards woman’s body and beauty standards.

“Now the woman is judged by how she looks and what she likes in Instagram. Nowadays it’s hard to be a young man, to build their lives, to try to understand who you really are, when you pushing such a number of social networks and people in them. I’m sorry the younger generation. Look at me and other Actresses: we’re still here and we feel great! We can become an example of how to look at a Mature age! For example, Helen Mirren — she’s a star, a real goddess! Or Meryl Streep — amazing woman! Just due to the fact that our stomach is not as flat as 2” — poditozhil Jennifer.

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