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Jeepers? Creepers? New footage?..

Meet a new batch of unconfirmed information about the horror of Victor Salvo “Jeepers creepers 3” (Jeepers Creepers 3). Only recently, we rejoiced that finally began to appear in the official footage, we immediately caught up with unofficial. Rather, they may well be official, just to confirm it yet no one. However, the third film about the Creeper project from that category, where interesting any rumble, so do not share find we can’t. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

On YouTube the fresh video, which no one really watched. For him, our attention was drawn to the person under the name Dagoth Ur saying, like, there’s new footage from “Jeepers creepers” hand out. Well it sure feels like it!

In the short video got four scenes that we had hitherto not seen. Saw one very similar (No. 2), and this speaks in favor of the fact that we are not fake. Plus the watermark is almost same as to the official footage – except that the text in Portuguese. We remember that in Brazil there are lots of wild monkeys, but how many fans of the Creeper? Or would you call it Olhos Famintos? If you believe the gugloperevodchik, in Russian it can be translated as “Hungry eyes”. And with the eyes of a Creeper immediately clear: he loves to eat.

What’s interesting: in the third frame is captured by a black officer of the law with which we have met. Another confirmation hearing on the Sheriff’s behalf Tashtego who is chasing the Creeper with as long as he took his wife 23 years ago and played by actor Stan Shaw.

And yet, and yet… Damn, this is the scene where the lawyers look at the broken window… Could this be the moment when the Creeper pulled Derry from the police station at the end of the original paintings? For the third part should show the events that occurred between the first and second movies. Or not? With so many rumors and denials, it is no wonder confused. Maybe no film exists and Salva just mocking the fans. Yes, no, nonsense.

Here are the pies. Four images of God knows what quality, and how much information to think about. The appetizer spread and is still found in instagram poster, which we seem to have not seen. Look at the whole thing, discussing and waiting for the movie to have at least some form. But it is better as a full-fledged theatrical release.

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