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Jeepers creepers 3 – new photos and videos from the filming!

Most interesting is that this photo, shot from a film, maybe partly stress, PARTLY to serve as a confirmation of rumors about the plot of “Jeepers creepers 3”that appeared earlier.

It’s interesting because ever since the rumors appeared on the website Upcoming Horror Movies, the Network has flashed rebuttal. However, a source which refutes these rumors, he is not very credible. This is the Twitter account @OfficialJC3, which – what a surprise! – despite its name, the official account, verified service Twitter, is NOT. This account is only 49 subscribers, in its design uses a low-quality screenshot of a promotional poster of the film, in General this is NOT an official resource. Trust this source enough.

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The website Bloody-Disgusting, I at least trust much more. Today they posted the following photo and say that’s a frame from “Jeepers creepers 3”:

The photo – actor Stan Shaw. According to the information previously published a site UHM, in trikvele he plays “Sheriff named Tashtego who is chasing the Creeper with as long as he took his wife 23 years ago.”

At first glance, people in the picture very little resemblance to representative government. However, if you look closely, you…

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Bingo, guys! The man in the frame wears on his chest the Sheriff’s star.

Of course, this does not mean that the rest of spoilersa infa UHM is true. In addition, in the Internet appeared the video, which contains all the previously overexposed photos and videos from the filming:

Stay tuned not to miss the news about the film that will follow, we hope, very soon.

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