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JCCC said about the unprecedented number of heavy equipment militants

СЦКК заявила о беспрецедентном количестве тяжелой техники боевиковEquipment and weapons will be enough for at least six BTG.

The Ukrainian side of the Joint center for control and coordination (JCCC) reported an unprecedented number of heavy arms and equipment outside the places of permanent storage in the occupied part of Donbass.

This is stated in the Facebook headquarters Operations of joint forces.

Only in the temporarily occupied territory patrols and UAV Special monitoring mission (SMM) OSCE recorded 472 units of weapons and military equipment of the armed forces of Russia, including 217 tanks, 19 anti-aircraft missiles, 10 reactive systems of volley fire, etc.

“A number of techniques you can deploy up to 6 batalyonno-tactical groups” – says the Ukrainian side of the JCCC.In particular, the Bugaeva – 156 units (38 tanks, MLRS 1, 13 howitzers Gvozdika, 12 D-30 howitzers, 6 guns “rapier”, 14 mortars, 120 mm, 68 armored cars, 4 ZRK “Arrow-10”), Simanovci – 22 (19 tanks, 2 howitzers D-30, 1 SAM “Arrow”), Miusynsk – 48 (10 T-72 tanks, 10 tanks T-64, 4 MLRS “Grad”, 10 howitzers Gvozdika, 12 D-30 howitzers, 2 ZRK “Arrow”), Crystal – 23 (5 MLRS “Grad”, 10 howitzers “Msta-B”, 8 howitzer D-20), Alexander – 4 (tanks), Peace – 59 (18 tanks T-64, 7 howitzers “Carnation”, 15 D-30 howitzers, 7 mortars of 120 mm, 12 air defense missile system “Strela”).

In addition, a large number of tanks of unknown type recorded near Thorn (10 units), Kruglik (41 pieces), Manuylovka (45 units).Close to the border with the Russian Federation in the area of Manych on a dirt road, where there are no checkpoints, the drone of the OSCE mission, found a convoy of 10 testirovanii trucks and 4 support vehicles that are crossing the state border of Ukraine towards Russia.

“The availability and continuous deployment of artillery weapons poses a potential threat from the armed forces of the Russian Federation to the advanced units of the Armed forces of Ukraine”, – stressed in the SCCC.

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