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Javier Botet wants to play Nosferatu and the Joker

Spanish actor Javier Botet often called a human special effect. He suffers from a rare genetic disease called Marfan Syndrome: people with this disease is distinguished by the thinness, high growth, long limbs and fingers, as well as amazing flexibility. Frankly, the appearance of Boteti unordinary. And that it uses the whole hog, playing a variety of movie monsters.

Creepy lady from “Reportage”, Mother of “Mom”, the ghosts of “Crimson peak”, a Leper from “It”, Twisted people (Crooks) from “the conjuring 2” is only a small part of the monster, the image of which is embodied on the screen Boat. Often the average viewer does not even suspect that he sees a live actor in makeup and not cgi – so strange and creepy it is able to move a one-man special effect. Of course, no work is so valuable not sitting: only for the last couple of years, his resume was enriched such films as “Polaroid”, “Slendermen”, “the gate of the Devil,” “the Spell. Our days,” “the Mummy”, “Mar. The eater of dreams”, “Astral 4” and “Survivors”. You can see in the credits the name of Batata – understand that we surely are waiting for the next tripoly character.

In a fresh interview for the portal Broke Horror Fan Boat told anyone else wanted to turn on the screen:

I would love to have played Nosferatu. And gladly would have been in the film about James bond. My crazy dream: to become the Joker; dark, dark, very creepy Joker.

Well, I’m not stupid. Option with bond, by the way, would be damn interesting. And speaking of horror, in the near future as the Joker of Botete we are unlikely to see in the new movie it will play Joaquin Phoenix and Jared Leto’s role hasn’t said goodbye yet. But as for the Nosferatu… Why not? In development is a remake from Robert Eggers (the Witch). However, it goes there very slowly, and it is unclear whether it comes to a logical conclusion. But you must admit, Eggers, Boat and Anya Taylor-joy – that would be interesting.

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