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Jason vs Cheech and Chong?

It turns out that the film “Friday the 13th: Jason lives” was highly unusual and even strange idea for a crossover. About Tom McLaughlin told the fans within the podcast Post Mortem, the leading of which is Mick Garris.

McLaughlin told about the conversation that had with producer Frank Mancuso Jr.:

Came to me Frank Mancuso ml… he wanted me to shot another movie after we finished. He said, “What do you think of Freddy and Jason?” And I said, “But Freddie’s New Line. He backpedaled, “Okay, forget it, it still won’t work.” So I said, “you Know what… you guys own and Cheech and Chong. What if we put Cheech and Chong to Jason?”

Hell no. Please.

For those who are younger, let me explain: Cheech and Chong is a comic Duo, popular in the 70s and 80s in the United States. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong appeared on stage with sketch Comedy, acted in films and on TV, and recorded successful albums. Their stage image of a couple of Mexicans-ukurasa in fact was far from reality. If you want to partake of their creativity, you can start with the movie “up in smoke”. Men doubtless had an impact on popular culture, the Internet is there, he POPs up meme about “Dave’s not here”. But damn it, those two and Jason Voorhees in the same movie? Seriously?

Fortunately, Frank Mancuso did not allow that.

But he said, “I know, but… a Comedy audience wants a film, the audience of horror will want another… no, we did not succeed.

In the end, we saw another, albeit unofficial crossover — Carrie vs Jason. So I guess all worked out for the better. However, now I’d like to have “Friday the 13th” with Mexicans, drug addicts, just to see Voorhees on the big screen. At least it would be funny.

What do you think about the idea of Tom McLaughlin?

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