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Jason Voorhees will return no earlier than 2019?

Sad news from the Studio Paramount. After the next return of the cult maniac in a hockey mask was lifted, that could affect cash failure of “Calls” fans of the genre of slasher to the last hoped that the Studio will change the decision. At least because already selected the location for the filming and even started casting for the role of young Jason Vorhese. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

But today on the official Twitter account of the franchise appeared the following statement:

We are happy to see optimism for a new film still happening, but we are very far away from anything new being created. 2019 is the earliest.
— Friday The 13th News (@F13thFranchise) 13 APR 2017.

Fortunately, the new film is still in the plans, but still distant. No sooner than in 2019.

Looks like fans will have to be patient, although the expected “comebacks” two years is not time. Take the upcoming remake of “It”, shooting ready can begin as much as 7 years, not to mention dolgostroys film adaptation of “the Dark tower”! Let’s hope for a considerable period the creators head and share a lot of material for a new “Friday the 13th” “shot” and gave a start to a new series of movies about Jason.

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