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Jason bloom will help to make the SPAWN rated R

Remember a few weeks ago we talked about why the project of a new movie about Spawn all those years moved so slowly? All because the Creator of the original comic book Todd McFarlane wanted to have full control over the process of creating a film: writing, directing, producing. With such queries, this movie can wait until the end of days!

However, that night, MacFarlane made an important announcement on the Facebook page about their project. Producing the new film will be occupied by Jason Blum’s Blumhouse!

And it’s very cool.

First, bloom put his hand to dozens of good horror movies (“Insidious”, “Sinister”, “purge”, “Split”, “Off”… the list goes on and on), and the new “spawn” is known to be close to horror and will get “bloody” rating R.

Second, bloom uses the original scheme with their projects: filmmakers receive fees instead of a percentage of rental, whereby it is possible to reduce the production budget, and the movie quality was not lame (indeed, the writers-Directors it is extremely important to do everything in the best possible way to earn more money). Why is it okay in this case? Because MacFarlane, by entering into a transaction in bloom, makes clear that for him this project in the first place is creative freedom and control over the movie, not the size of his fees.

And there is still a third, which makes the news even more cool. As you can see for yourself by watching a video appeal McFarlane, behind him all this time looms up none other than Kevin Smith – private cult and all (or almost all known). What would it mean?..

A short quote from the circulation MacFarlane:

We have gone from theories – no theories, we now make movies. Blumhouse. Spawn. Asshole. The rating of R. All this is coming. Get ready, we start soon.

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