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Jason bloom about the new “Halloween”: a Reinterpretation, not a reboot

Ahead of Laurie Strode the final battle with Michael Myers, the masked man who’s been chasing her all these years, because she’s the only one who was able to escape death at the hands of the eve of all saints Day four decades ago.

Hell, the writers and producers know how to introduce critics to a screeching halt in terms of what the terms are better used to describe a particular film associated with a particular franchise! Here, for example, how to call the new “Halloween”? A remake? Restart? A sequel? Alternative sequel?.. Heads or tails, given that a number of sequels to the original “Halloween” had been struck, and the remake of Rob Zombie, who in turn also had one sequel.

Comes to the aid of none other than Jason Blum, the famous producer responsible for this movie too.

How to get people interested? Not to do restarts. This term makes the hair stir on my neck. What we do with “Halloween”, for this, I think, is more suitable term “reinterpretation”. The word “reboot” sounds too corporate.

Well, obviously, comrade bloom tries to emphasize that the creators of the new “Halloween” attitude to the classics is not commercial.

How we started “Halloween”, it was similar to what we have done with many other movies. [Director] David Gordon green and [writer] Danny McBride known not because of horror films [the film’s “Off”] Jordan Drank was not known for horror films to “Off,” so, I think, we had such a success [“Off”] – we mix in the genre of the people – not the movies and people movies we have pure horror, scary movies.

It is, in General, not super original, but very interesting approach: bloom gives the opportunity to work in genre cinema to those people who are before the horror was not done, so get a fresh perspective on horror movies. What do you think can be domestic producers should go the same way if they want to achieve success in the genre?

Whatever it was, and the new “Halloween” gets to the Russian hire on October 18, 2018.

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