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Jasmine told how she managed phenomenally to lose weight after childbirth

In late April, singer Jasmine became large mother star gave birth to her third child. However, the joy of the appearance of another heir was marred by the excess weight typed during pregnancy.


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“During the third pregnancy I only gained 15 pounds. And get rid of them, unlike in previous years, beginning almost immediately after birth. Every dropped 300 grams inspired me! After about three months I returned to active sports. And here I already lost about nine pounds. But this is not the limit, of course, I’m going back to my usual weight and favorite dresses!” — said Jasmine in an interview with “7 days”.

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The singer shared his memories of the second childbirth: while waiting for daughter Margaret, she gained 25 pounds and weight did not want to leave. The issue of the eldest son about how he sees the mother again is slim, has played a crucial role. Jasmine went to a specialist and is heavily involved in sport, combining exercise with a balanced diet.

Now the singer already knows how to fight obesity and gladly shares his secrets with fans: “three months after giving birth I went through 10 sessions of Spa treatments (massage, Charcot’s douche, mineral mud baths). The perfect complex that, in addition to adjustments for weight, improves blood circulation. Russian bath not visit, but the sauna and Hammam love. Sometimes going with friends, take honey for smearing, herbal tea and go!”.

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Meanwhile, recall that recently, the Network harshly criticized plump after giving birth to Jasmine. His appearance at Fashion Week in Moscow, the singer had brought upon himself an avalanche of criticism. First with the negative comments about appearance, Jasmine was made by the blogger Lena Miro, which, however, were not spared and many other stars of domestic show-business. Miro compared the artist “with the wife of an employee of the regional party Committee that has crept sleepily to the kitchen”.

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