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Jaros responded to the elimination of the terrorist Givi

Ярош отреагировал на ликвидацию террориста ГивиYarosh called the killing Givi “good morning news”.

One of the founders of the Right sector, and nowadays people’s Deputy of Ukraine Dmytro Yarosh commented on the murder in the occupied Donetsk the leader of a gang of Somalia Mikhail Tolstykh, known by the nickname Givi.

So, the news of the liquidation of the Pro-Russian terrorists, which blew up in his office, he met with a positive, noting that that took a “scourge of God”.

“Recently, entrepreneurs of the Dnieper promised the commander of the 5th obat UDA (Ukrainian volunteer army – ed.), Black luxury apartment in the city center for the elimination of the Russian terrorist and sadist Givi… there is the good morning news.) However, the battalion commander once said that a stranger glory be to him, and therefore he can not see the apartment …) But seriously, the scourge of God will take out all the bandits minions of Putin”, – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

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