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Japanese “smart home” in detail. Photo

Японский «умный дом» в деталях. ФотоEverything here works on humans.

Modern Japanese bathtub practical in all respects. First and foremost, it saves water, electricity and your time, and guarantee the convenience and the opportunity to enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation so that nothing distracted.

We will introduce you to Aiko, who lived 7 years in Canada and 2 years living in Japan. She will hold a tour of a Japanese apartment, more precisely, in the bathroom, and tell all her amazing features.
The bathroom can use simultaneously 3 people

Японский «умный дом» в деталях. Фото

Sink, toilet and bathroom is a different room in a Japanese apartment. Small changing room with wash basin where the washing machine is connected with the bathroom and toilet completely separate.

So, the bathroom is a place where you can relax, forget about vanity and not worry that someone of the family members will violate the privacy, knock on the toilet or to wash hands.
Crane extends and turns into a shower

Японский «умный дом» в деталях. Фото

Pull-out faucet, which is mounted next to the sink, makes it possible to increase the space above the sink. This is very useful when you need to wash Pets or small children, to wash in the sink or stuff to wash the toys.

Directly in the floor drain

Японский «умный дом» в деталях. Фото

Next to the bathroom there is a special chair on which you need to wash with soap and water to enter the water is clean

Японский «умный дом» в деталях. Фото
Японский «умный дом» в деталях. Фото

Bathroom for the Japanese is above all a place where you can relax, nourish the body with moisture, soak in the fragrant water. Not the place where to clean. This differs from our bathrooms, which are lined with all kinds of detergents.

The bathroom accessories include a small chair and a bucket with a handle to scoop water and rinsing. In this chair body soap, shampoo, wash everything in the shower. The water need to come clean already. Dive into the water head first is also not acceptable.

This approach gives the opportunity to use one bathroom for all family members and save considerably water consumption.

You can wash the whole bathroom along with the walls

Японский «умный дом» в деталях. Фото

To wash the bathroom very simple with the help of the soul. All the water from the wall flows into the drain hole in the floor. Convenient: and he washed, and the tub washed.

Warm-up and rubber cap for bath

Японский «умный дом» в деталях. Фото

In Japan there is no Central heating homes in the winter. Instead, the Japanese use various ways to warm themselves. In each house there is a “kotatsu” is a table with a heating element mounted under the hood, and blanket.

Many homes have a traditional Japanese bath “furo” with very hot water — about 40-43 °C. the Steam is made every day is not a luxury but a way to keep warm on cold winter evenings.

And in the apartments they have replaced the bath with a heated rubber lid to better retain heat and save on electricity.

Modern Japanese baths have a control panel

Японский «умный дом» в деталях. Фото

Japanese bathroom is equipped with a control panel. Using the buttons you can:

to maintain a constant water temperature for all family members;
enable the emergency button to call for help;
to call someone from the household to bring a towel that you forgot to bring or a Cup of tea or a book.

And in kitchens too

Японский «умный дом» в деталях. Фото

Even contemplative Japanese do not like to waste time. No need to run here and there to test, not full or bath. A sensor will adjust the temperature of the water will fill the tub automatically stop the water in the tap and will give a beep that you can go for a swim.

Water from the bath can be used for washing

Японский «умный дом» в деталях. Фото

After all the family members showered, the water is still clean enough to reuse it in the washing machine. Of course, if you have showered with soap and shampoo outside of the bath.

Simply place in the water bath and the other end of the hose water and turn the washing machine. And since water is still hot, and still save electricity.

Above the toilet has a washbasin

Японский «умный дом» в деталях. Фото

You can wash my hands immediately after I used the bathroom. Water is activated by a signal of the infrared sensor and drained into the toilet tank, which is then washed off in the toilet. So that’s a savings.

Clothes are hung to dry in the bathroom

Японский «умный дом» в деталях. Фото

To prevent mold in the bathroom has a hood, which can operate in two modes — the cold and hot air. So you can hang wet clothes and dry her quickly.

The bathroom has a TV

Японский «умный дом» в деталях. Фото

There is no practical use, but you can enjoy a favourite show or a football match, yet luxuriate in the hot tub.

In public toilets there are special tools for children

Японский «умный дом» в деталях. Фото

For any mom that dubious pleasure — raskoryachivatsya over the toilet with the baby in his hands. Japanese public toilets made of folding seats where you can safely put a young child to wait.

Perhaps the Japanese “smart” technology is not cheap and not all floors with drain, but many chips of savings we can learn from Japanese now for free.

For example, after washing put it in the bath the water hose in the washing machine, because in many homes the bathroom is combined. If a family of 2 persons, then first first lather under the shower to wash off the foam, and then swim to leave clean water another.

And what lifehacks are you or your friends? Share in the comments.

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