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Japanese scientists will test space Elevator

Японские ученые испытают космический лифтThis is only a miniature model of this Elevator.

In September of this year, Japanese scientists will test in space a miniature model of the space Elevator.

In particular, scientists plan to conduct the first launch with the help of the carrier rocket H – IIB.

While the space Elevator remains only a hypothetical construction, the main function of which is to deliver cargo into space without a rocket.

Created by experts of the University of Shizuoka the prototype is a box with dimensions 6 x 3 x 3 cm, it is Expected that with a small motor it will be able to move around 10-Petrova cable, stretched in space between the two mini-satellites.

Note that according to the newspaper Mainichi, September 11, will be launched two microsatellite that will deliver to the International space station (ISS), the Japanese cargo ship HTV – 7.

These microsatellites are linked and 10 m long steel rope, which will move motorized container (a kind of Elevator), and cameras mounted on satellites will track the process.

“Theoretically, the concept of the space Elevator is plausible. Space travel can become something popular in the future,” said Yoji Ishikawa (Yoji Ishikawa), head of the research group involved in the experiment.

It should be noted that this concept was first proposed by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in 1895.

Japanese construction company Obayashi, in cooperation with Shizuoka University, plans to use the technology of nanotubes, to fabricate the cable with a length of 96 thousand kilometers, which will have 30-35 years to go into space even people.

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