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Japan was struck by a powerful snowfall.

На Японию обрушился мощный снегопад: есть жертвыSeven people were killed, hundreds injured.

Seven people were killed due to heavy snowfall in Japan.

Most of the dead were victims of car accidents. The car fell into the abyss due to poor visibility and icy roads.

Also, the number of victims of snowfall, the people, plucked from the rooftops when they tried to clean the house from snow and ice. 88-year-old resident of Kyoto Prefecture crushed the roof of the greenhouse, which collapsed under the weight of snow.

As reported by the Japanese authorities, in some regions of the country this winter has had about 250 inches of snow. The temperature dropped to is 16,5 degrees Celsius. For Japan this is a record figure.

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Due to heavy snowfall in the country was canceled about 130 flights. Also there are problems with railway service. And this is a serious problem for the country in which the railroad is used by many residents. So, due to the fact that one train could not move because of the snow drifts, people were forced to get to the nearest station on foot.

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Also in Japan damaged power lines. Japanese authorities report that as of the morning of January 16 in the country without power was 11 thousand homes. The village of Hyogo on the island of Honshu completely cut off from the outside world. To help 50 of its residents were sent to police helicopters.

Gradually the transport network in the country is getting better also resume operations of the airports. High-speed trains run late, but flights have not cancelled.

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