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Japan to explore Fukushima will be robots-snake

В Японии исследовать Фукусиму будут роботы-змеиA division of Toshiba, together with the International research Institute on decommissioning nuclear facilities (IRID), has developed a snake-like robotic probe.

Length of the robot is 12.8 meters, and he is a flexible telescopic tube, ending with a panoramic camera.

The robot was created in order to help in the study of high-level radioactive block Fukushima Unit 2, the degree of damage of which is still unknown — perhaps there were still traces of the radioactive melts. For a living person campaign to the damaged nuclear reactor can be fatal, and therefore compact and versatile device is indispensable. To move the probe will be using remote-controlled drone, which on Board is a special compartment.

Recall that the accident at the NPP “Fukushima-1” occurred in 2011, a strong earthquake and ensuing tsunami. She was one of the 25 largest power stations in the world. Fukushima-2 is a nearby nuclear power station, which also suffered as a result of the tremors: everything was muted in normal mode and the temperature of the reactor was brought under control, but some units still raises concerns.

It is expected that work on the reactor 3 will start next year, and extraction of highly radioactive spent fuel in cooling pools of reactors 1 and 2 is planned for 2023. Efficiency is largely determined by prior training, and because the cleaning crew needed to get a clearer picture of the conditions within each block.

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