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Japan recorded an amazing natural phenomenon

В Японии зафиксировали удивительный природный феноменThe Japanese took pictures of the rare natural phenomenon.

In the Japanese city of Fujisawa, a local resident filmed an amazing natural phenomenon – a cloud-ball.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off him, and then rushed to the phone in time to photograph the cloud. When I took a picture of it, it already had a clear outline, I’m sorry I hesitated,” – shared Japanese.

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It is reported that the cloud could take such unusual shape because of the “zakruchivanie”. This happens on windy days, when the cold and denser air mixes with the rising warm light, creating a rotational movement.

Mainly found stretched on many kilometres of rolling clouds, but the Japanese were lucky to see a spherical cloud.

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В Японии зафиксировали удивительный природный феномен

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