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Japan entered the list of “space” tour operators

Япония вошла в список "космических" туроператоровJapan intends to open a new era of space tourism.

In the race for space tour operators have entered Japan. PD AeroSpace company currently is developing a reusable spacecraft for space tourism.

The company expects to begin implementation of the program of space tourism has already by 2023. AeroSpace is developing the space Shuttle, in form more resembling a plane that will be able to deliver passengers to a height of 110 km, a vehicle is able to accommodate six passengers and two pilots. Ticket price per person will be approximately 17 million yen ($153 million).

Currently specialists of the company are already testing a prototype of the future of the ship. The initial task is to climb to a height of 100 km and return safely back. It is also reported that the stay in space will be short-lived, however, passengers will be able five minutes of weightlessness and look from orbit to the planet.

The President of PD AeroSpace Shuji Ogawa says he’s going to open new space era. Last summer, the company successfully tested a pulse detonation engine, which switches from jet mode to rocket mode. Japanese space tourist industry for some time ceased to evolve due to a series of accidents and the reluctance of investors to invest capital. But those days seem behind us.

AeroSpace initiative supported by investments of large firms as well as more than 40 volunteers with expert knowledge. The use of a spacecraft, operating on the principle of a plane taking off from the airfield, on a plan of experts of the company, should be significantly cheaper than a missile of the classical type. It is worth noting that one of the investors in Japanese startups is the holding company ANA Holdings, which includes the second largest airline in Japan – All Nippon Airways.

The President of PD AeroSpace Shuji Ogawa noted that space has the power to attract people.

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