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James van offered New Line Cinema to remove restart “blade”

The Australian James WAN is not the last figure in Hollywood. The Director, who began with low-budget “Saw” that grew out of student work, today in charge of big-budget blockbusters of the series. A recently released “Aquaman” was praised by critics, who dubbed it the best film of kynoselen DC, and van has managed to share his enduring interest in the world of comics. First, the Maestro said that would not mind to do a horror version of Batman (though here it was ahead of the other James, the Creator, Executive producer horror movie about Superman), and today he gave another confession, which may please all the fans of his early, frightening tapes.

As it turned out, a few years ago, Wang went to the Mat to the Studio bosses New Line Cinemato offer them… restart “blade”! Yes, one of the most killer characters of Marvel comics, whose role was previously performed by Wesley snipescould be in the hands of the man who gave us “the Astral plane” and “the Spell”. You can not add, how cool would be the result? But, alas, at the time, James refused.

Here that tells about it himself:

Some time ago, almost immediately after the release of the first “Spells”, I told the Studio: “Hey, I’m a big fan blade. How about a reboot?”. Apparently I did not. But it was my very first glance at the comics.

But the van to the Studio to straighten and admits a little further:

It was merely a suggestion. I have not had a full presentation. Just an idea, and I don’t remember what it is. It’s been a long time since I have worked on many things already and don’t remember what I thought about it. But at that moment the idea I really liked.

So at this point, van, probably not too eager to film a comic about a vampire Slayer. A pity – for sure since he built up sufficient credibility in order to offer producers the most unexpected ideas. Will we see his version of “blade”? Depends on to see if the statement of the Director some Studio (maybe the same New Line) and ask if he could sit behind the wheel of a restart.

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