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James Franco in the role of Jack Torrence from “the Shining” (VIDEO)

Guess the way some of the characters in books by Stephen king this time tried on actor James Franco? Jack Torrence, the protagonist of “the Shining”! But no, the remake of the question (yet) – reincarnation was part of the entertainment program for visitors to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal studios in Hollywood.

The company Franco was the actor Chris Bauer from the TV series “True blood”. Actually, the “role” they were in a sudden jumping with an axe in the hands directly to the frightened audience. And even like this guys quite a nice job! Interesting, I guess the tourists that scared them not some temporary workers, but the real star of the screen?

In General, another “kingovskoy” the image in the box of the James counted – review of “11.22.63” waiting “Drunk fireworks”!

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