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James Franco and someone in a mask for localized poster of the “Store”

They knew not what evil immured in the vault

Why, Oh where, where, as in a Bank safe does not expect to meet with something otherworldly. It’s an interesting concept of mystical horror “the Vault” (The Vault). The film was made by Dan Bush, familiar to the audience in the dark cinema anthology “Signal”. A couple of days ago, we spoiled you with pictures from the movie, and today we’re going to fight a localized poster.

At the same time recall the synopsis:

During a Bank robbery, the criminals opened an old vault, which hasn’t been used. Opening the forbidden door, they release into the world of ghosts guarding the treasures.

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Poster with a cute heart in Russian letters was presented by the company “the Exhibitor”, which is responsible for the domestic release of the picture. I must say, this poster looks more spectacular and cuter than his foreign counterpart, marred in previous news. Now we wait and localized trailer for the original we have to check out (and he is very good).

The caste is first of all draws attention to the great talent of James Franco (TV’s “11.22.63”, “127 hours”), but without it there sour composition: Jeff Gum (“Deadlock”), Clifton Collins Jr. (“Hunters of demons,” “Pacific rim”), K Orianka Kilcher (“Power of belief”), Scott haze (“Child of God”, “Special midnight edition”), Taryn manning (“Pack”, “Kill theory”) and Francesca Fisher-Eastwood (TV series “twin Peaks”). It should be interesting.

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Special attention should be paid to the date of domestic release. She again shifted, this time for the week ahead. The Russian premiere will take place on 21 September 2017.

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