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Jamal was pleased with the good news

Джамала порадовала хорошей новостью The singer shared a new picture and announced the glad tidings.

The morning Jamal delighted fans on Instagram, putting their photo and signing it as “from Ukraine:) I’m suddey National ugboro “Verbazende-2018″. Yak I soroku, I accou good songs, ccawi of osobistosti on scan, charisma I boile energy scho yde od wykonawca. Have a view from the past year Bulo bagato good artist, but such a character, that CCB is clearly bi in the head for greater NSA, miy look, not Bulo. Pram Afri DIVS evil on TV STB I NTU. Palacios!”.

Fans Jamala subscribed to her page in the social network, are unable to contain the rapture and wrote about it in the review: “miracle novena!”, “Hurrah! I am very glad that you will be the judge, as for me, you are a very honest man who will tell only the truth) So it’s very cool!!!!”, “Class, great news. I hope there will be good songs and the performers will be from whom to choose.”, “Great! Cool novina, JHA a great Profesional!” and so on.

In Instagram good news from Jamala was estimated at nearly 2,5 thousands of users.

Джамала порадовала хорошей новостью

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