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Jamal told about the forthcoming wedding

Джамала рассказала о скорой свадьбеJamal told about his new role as trainer of the show “Golos Krainy 7” and announced the approaching wedding date

The coach show “Golos Krainy 7” and the winner of Eurovision 2016 Jamal said in an interview with “Telescope” about the upcoming wedding and “blind auditions” the seventh season of the vocal project.

Jamal said that will be quite a demanding coach, because the time frame is limited. Everyone should understand what it is. Also she added that she feels confident in the coach’s chair, because she has the appropriate education of a teacher:

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“Try not to soften the wording, it’s easier for me to tell the truth. To achieve the desired, straight enough to tell the person what I think, not really mince words. Then he will understand that time is short, he is a hard part. In “the Voice” there’s no rest for a huge competition. You have to be tough to uncover the potential of each.”

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Of course, outside of work, Jamal remembered the lovemaking. In particular, reported on the wedding soon to be held. Unfortunately, the date she did not say, but hinted that it will be soon.

“The feast will meet on stage to speak, like all the previous years. And then we will celebrate together with the bride. The day of the wedding to advertise will not say that she soon”, – said Jamal.

Джамала рассказала о скорой свадьбе

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