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Jamal shared the secrets of his personal life

Джамала поделилась тайнами личной жизниThe singer shared his thoughts on how to recognize their man.

Ukrainian star and coach of the project “voice of the country-7” Jamal Valentine’s Day talked about how he thinks about the meeting with his destiny.

The singer admitted that she is confident that everyone in the world has its people - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Don’t like it when people say “soulmate”, because each of us is a whole person. And each of us is looking for his person! With whom is good to talk and be silent, laugh and mourn, who feel the harmony”, – shared his thoughts Jamal.

Star believes that the most important thing that the couple were interested in each other.

“You don’t need to joke, to look at each other without stopping, as long as you interesting. Even when silent and in the same room in complete silence, get bored with each other,” continued the singer.

Jamal advised that if you want to understand your man – just stay alone and be quiet. The singer admitted that her favorite Bekir Suleymanov her comfortable and to remain silent, and watch movies and listen to music

“I have seen too many couples who are bored together. Want to see YOUR man? My advice is to stay alone and just be quiet. You comfortable? With my beloved man I feel comfortable to be silent, to watch movies, listen to music,” said the artist.

The star said that everyone has their own time for love, relationships and marriage. Jamal advised not to listen to anyone who will try to drive you into the framework, to impose their views.

“I believe that all love stories and relationships don’t need to make the audience, they should remain only between you, the family. Yeah, I know I’m getting married, but I don’t want to use this important event for me as a PR excuse. The main thing is music,” said Jamal.

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