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Jamal revealed details of his married life

Джамала поделилась подробностями своей замужней жизниAccording to the singer, her husband is its chief music critic.

Ukrainian star Jamal that at the end of April married, Bakir Suleimanov, told how her life has changed after marriage.

According to the artist, after she was married, she had a responsibility.

“Responsibility appeared. And things got even more anxious, that is … of Course, marriage holds for me is not just a formality. I don’t say this with certainty about the moment of painting, because we have tried this, the Institute level. Few people know, but Bekir signed “Ready”, it seems, February 27. We just came in jeans, signed and left,” – said Jamal, writes “Today”.

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And after painting, April 26, Jamal and Bekir staged wedding ceremony.

The star also shared that her husband is its chief music critic. Jamal admitted that favorite not too versed in music from a professional point of view, but as a listener to her lips.

“I love to talk to Bekir about music, although he is not a musician. I, however, interesting it absolutely unmusical look. In fact, he represents the audience in my house: he does not know what a complex harmony that I now have a complex vocal course, he perceives the emotion does or does not work. This is very important!” – confirmed performer.

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Jamal remembered that recently “checked” by Bekir a new comp and he advised her to change something in the sound.

“I often experience it in the new composition. For example, two days ago I wrote a song, she came out of jazz, and immediately he sang. And he says: “And can the phrase carry a little higher?”. I re-sang and I liked it! Ask him: “why did you say that?”. Bekir says: “it seems to Me that in this row there is some innuendo, if you haven’t solved all of my feelings”, – said Jamal.

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