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Jamal complains about the extra weight

Джамала жалуется на лишний весUkrainian singer Jamal told me that she did not have enough time at the gym.

33-year-old winner of the Eurovision song contest 2016 Jamal indulging in eating junk food.

In an interview with TSN, the singer told how she was watching her figure. According to her, she doesn’t have time to go to the gym, but she tries to drink plenty of water. In addition, Jamal admitted that he had put on a few pounds. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

I gained three, maybe even four kilograms after Eurovision. I eat everything, I never in what does not deny at all. Eat after 6-7 PM and even after 10. Already said, “Maybe you need to stop acting like there is?“ – said the singer.

Also, Jamal told that a positive attitude to the sport and would like them to do, but she didn’t have time because of the constant filming of the records in the Studio, concerts, interviews.

Well, you have time 8-9 am, and you think to go, maybe to the gym or to sleep until 10, when it starts interview. Plus, after the gym you need to change clothes, freshen up. Training should take about four hours. I really want to play sports, but now I have no time for it“ – shared the actress.

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