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Jaguar expert told me how to sit behind the wheel

Эксперт Jaguar рассказал, как правильно сидеть за рулемProper planting – the health of the driver.

Seat shape – the thing is, in General, is universal. But automakers invented lots of ways to adjust the chair is the most convenient for the driver way. On older models, the seat ride mostly back and forth. But in modern cars the room to maneuver is much more. In his new video Jaguar demonstrates how to use these functions.

The recommendations were developed by the chief physician of the Jaguar Land Rover Steve Isley. Because correct fit is not only comfort, but also human health.

First, Riley advises all drivers to free your pockets of wallets, keys, phones and half-eaten snacks. Before fastening the seat belt, the driver should firmly sit in a chair, fully touching the backrest. And only then begin to adjust the seat.

The main criterion that the seat is configured correctly – the spine and pelvis of the driver should be on one straight line. In this position the man rests on the hips in the seat, without making any pressure. Then check the position of the feet relative to the pedals. Ideally, even when fully depressed the pedal the leg should be slightly bent.

The driver’s hands should also be slightly bent at the elbows and tassels on the handlebars. When properly fit the shoulders of the driver touch the seat back even during a turn. The head restraint align the level of the head.

The recommendations of the Jaguar does not say this, but the National office of vehicle safety encourages all drivers to sit not less than 24 cm from the wheel in case of accident if the air bag will deploy, the risk of serious injury minimized. For this reason it is recommended to keep hands on the wheel at 3 and 9 or 4 and 8.

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