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Jack the cat has compared dancing with Michelle Andrade and Nadia Dorofeeva

Женя Кот сравнил танцы с Мишель Андраде и Надей ДорофеевойRenowned dancer compared the experience with the two popular singers.

The fears, the first ballroom master class from Vlad the Pits and the difference in dancing with Nadia Dorofeeva and Michelle Andrade, as reported by Eugene the cat on the meeting with pupils of the children’s production center Babyphotostars.

As journalists were made by the children themselves, so the answer artist had openly and clearly.

Dancer described the beginning of her dancing career and recalled his first large-scale project “tantsyuyut VSI” on STB TV-channel.

“The fact that I’m an artist – it is only the merit of my parents. Mom saw me as a dancer and his father were sent to the casting. I’ll never forget the ballroom choreography from Vlad the Pit during rounds “tantsyuyut VSI!”. I have almost no ballroom experience, but once I moved out and moved on. Perhaps parents something know,” says Jack.

Despite the fact that Jack the cat has won the project “tantsyuyut VSI. Battle sezonu”, most of the memories he had left from the first season when he got in 20-ku the best dancers of the country.

“To live broadcasts, we have been preparing in training camp. All month we have been studying different styles, only danced and ate (laughs). This time is priceless! When you don’t think about anything and just doing things that they chose for life. The best time of my entire dance career,” the actor told.

Jack also admitted that we were afraid to be the first release on the big stage, but I learned this sense of control:

“I felt absolute overwhelming fear. Now I have this adrenaline, like a wild horse, has traveled. I accumulate excitement, trying to cheat themselves, to disperse and to go with clean and intelligent energy, which nourish your dance.”

But most of all, interest in children was caused by the last project of the artist “s Dances with stars” on 1+1. They were able to answer the favorite question all journalists – with whom to dance was better – with Nadia Dorofeeva or Michelle Andrade:

– “You like watermelon?” – asked Eugene.
“Yes!” – said the young journalist.
– “Mandarin love?” – continued Eugene.
– “Of course!” – replied the girl.
– “That’s it. One fresh, juicy and summery. The second sweet and sour and winter. You eat them at different times of the year, but equally love. And you don’t care to compare. And so with the dancing. It was a different time, different performances and different persons in our metaphor, the fruit that you equally love!”

The actor also gave tips to future stars: “There are old-school. They say that room is the black wall, and no one was there. No – dance like there million. Dance with each and every contact, then the viewer will go goosebumps. The eyes need to say more than his body. Learn to stand and do nothing so that you entertaining to watch. Then you will be the best with the business, be an artist!”

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