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Ivan Urgant laughed at Olga Buzova “without a brain”

Despite criticism from colleagues and admirers, Olga Buzova continues to build her singing career. On 24 April, the TV host presented a new song “Fly”. Buzova boasted that in 15 minutes the song has been at the top of the Russian iTunes, and she became the first Russian artist whose songs one after another became leaders of this chart in just one hour.

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The success of Olga’s has become one of the new release of the program “Evening Urgant”. The show’s host Ivan Urgant commented on the record Buzova in his usual ironic manner.

“What does this mean? That in our country everything is in order with musical taste. What was good, and remained so. Due to this, Olga will be able to believe in themselves and to go to the West… And it is important that if people go to the West, the brain drain will not happen,” said Ivan.

It seems that the scorn of the stars Olga does not hurt. On the contrary, the anchorwoman laughed along with him and published a segment in Instagram. “It’s nice to know that Ivan Urgant follow my work”, — has signed a video Buzova.

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