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It’s time to sound the alarm in the protected

Now, covering at once the entire history of the reserves, I can say that the most important factor in prosperity PA are people. Saw the wild through dozens of years of the first organizers of the reserves? Of course, prosperous, nothing and no one defiled. And this despite the fact that the country was in the revolutionary unrest and military concerns.

But statesmen were wise enough to appreciate the importance of nature conservation for the benefit of future generations. Was made carefully thought-out position on conservation, developed a strategy for its implementation and involved in the work of concerned scientists and foresters. People had to work in conditions of extreme tension, at first even without pay and often without understanding it.

But fixated (in the best sense) on the goal, they lived with the knowledge that tomorrow will be better and I was happy. These people coped with the task of restoring the population of the Caucasian bison and its conservation during the hostilities of the great Patriotic war. And he did it better than their followers of the 90-ies, when for a short time from 1100 heads of these ancient inhabitants of our planet have less than 200 (300 lived outside the protected zone)…

Over the past half century, the living planet index (state population) decreased by more than half. And the causes of this phenomenon are well known. If they are not urgently resolved, humanity insurmountable trials.

The only more or less prosperous oasis of nature remain biosphere reserves. Their purpose is the preservation of the natural landscape with its biological diversity in pristine condition, as a reference of wild nature. However, to fully do this will not succeed. Too many irreversible processes have occurred over the period of the modern conservation history.

However, the new pattern may emerge in the next hundred years, if it is to create the conditions and set the mode as close to absolute wilderness conservancy. This will require a lot of work on the formation in the public mind the idea that in nature, as in the Museum, are closed from the aggressive environment of the vaults. And no need to strive…

The idea of absolute wilderness conservancy for the most part companies with market thinking is hostile. Looking at the national parks of the Western countries, this group of people says: “they Have available to wildlife, the landscapes thus intact forests look like parks and animals are not frightened. And we miss an opportunity to profit from that requires no financial investment”.

Capital at the same time cynically “forgotten” that we have national parks with a well-functioning tourism industry, with an interesting recreational area (this applies to the WH “Western Caucasus”, including the Caucasian reserve, Sochi national Park and Sochi zakaznik). It is not difficult to direct the flow of tourists is available in attractive tract, where they can listen to cosmic silence to take pictures of wild animals. At the same time press on the reserve will be reduced to a minimum.

Just look at the map of our state and see what a small part of its territory is covered by biosphere reserves to realize that any financial loss the state will suffer if we leave them forever alone. Well, the profit to be obtained from other sectors of the economy, just competently and effectively leading them.

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From supporters of the development of nature reserves often hear the argument that wild animals accustomed to humans and it does not prevent them to live and reproduce. In the future, such thinking can lead to the fact that mankind will live in a concrete jungle around them will remain a cattle farm. In this case, the biological diversity will decrease unpredictable. And the very addictive a big question.

Today there has been a slight increase in the number of wild ungulates in the heart of the Caucasian reserve. But merit not the environmental agencies, and that in preparation for the Olympics a natural complex of three years was guarded by security forces. This has reduced poaching, reduced to no mention of trophy hunting reduced the attendance people.

You know, with me, many will disagree, but I dare to say that the essence of strictly protected strictly protected area began to change, when life in the forest service began to implement creative excesses.

Before foresters could rely only on their health and ability to live alone in the wilderness. However, they and the scientific expedition was accompanied, and salt licks laid, and always on time, and were able to do without heavy equipment and helicopters, which subsequently flooded deaf tracts strangers. The vehicle they were reliable the horses, always the savvy, well-trained and well-fed. The harness was hand sewing, solid and comfortable.

This way of life and work has selected only the most capable individuals, formed its own caste of woodsman. Call them: Nicholas Mochalkin, Leonid Drozdov, Vladimir Kranidi, Andrew Marciukaitis, man frost… the List can be multiplied. They have the mindset was relevant in moral harmony with wildlife. But not everyone is happy. Such professionals are not navyazhesh their will.

Later began to appear in the capital innovators — temporary worker in the long run. Its indispensable importance, they stressed the spectacular projects, such as security of territory from motodeltaplane. No such RAID did not take place, although the preparations lasted more than one year…

Today, the Caucasus reserve is fighting for its existence. Changed after the Olympic city of Sochi has become economically attractive. And though the geographical conferences have openly discussed the subject of salvation of the Western Caucasus and the post-Olympic heritage, and focuses on the negative consequences (the extinction of Colchis boxwood, and more), fundamental desire to rectify the situation the government is not observed.

At the same time, his Majesty the capital finds another space for their reproduction. As always, it promises that it will comply with environmental legislation, to cherish and nurture nature. But projects extend the cable cars to the glacier Pseashkho, and road — to lake prompt.

And it is the center of the Caucasian biosphere reserve, and therefore, the adjacent territory will automatically cease to be a place of peace. If it’s contrary to obvious common sense work, then the conservancy just West of the Caucasus can put a cross.

Philosophers say that if the pursuit of goals, efforts have not yield any positive results, then you need to let go of the situation and then difficulties will resolve themselves. Perhaps this works in many situations, but enthusiasts of wilderness this wisdom to guide can’t.

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On the contrary, they developed the concept of continuous development, which, unfortunately, is not earned. What it is hoped this small cohort of altruists? First of all at themselves, to the justice of his cause. I want to appeal to managers of the relevant Ministry. Isn’t it time to take a closer look at human resource, personnel, on which the success in environmental policy more than from the ideas of the lawmakers?..

However, the positive aspects in the conservation business is, and they need to talk. Especially in anticipation of the upcoming Year reserves. A significant achievement of the state without exaggeration be considered the increasing number of nature reserves, national parks and spetsagentov. For example, after creating the Earth the Leopard, the number of rare raptors jumped more than twice.

Already due to this, far East have transformed, ceasing to remind uncontrollable in nature the boondocks. Although, of course, reserves on uninhabited expanse cut easy, their habitats differ little from those in neighboring areas. Peoples living in close proximity to them, and so are environment-sensitive. But to ensure the quality of the reserve in a densely populated area — quite another matter.

And here I want to remember about the right approach to nature conservation Laba society of hunters. His staff never left my sight from their territory, particularly watching the reproductive phase, which is a nature reserve. The criteria for their work — the trust and conscience. In the company of such people feel, what the spirit of the Cossack way of life, controlled by traditions and laws. Just remember, as more than half a century ago, the Cossacks rushed into a frontal attack on tanks with swords and the astonished invaders.

It would seem that nonsense, but the enemies are not missed. And how they loved the land as trust each other! Why not flinch in the battle. And these are not people to restore order in the reserves?

All of Adygea knows inspector Karima, who served many years in the fisheries. In one of the raids in him despicable, at close range, the poachers shot and seriously wounded. No one would have condemned if Čarim out of a sense of self-preservation, retreated from danger. But it broke the spirit of a warrior and a fighter for what is right.

In the end the villains got their. Čarim to tell about it did not want: it is not accepted in the culture of the Circassians. But to society it is useful to know what the quality of human resource is haunting our trails…

And energetic innovators of reorganization of biosphere reserves must, as a prayer, to repeat the commandment of the great classics of Russian science of V. V. Dokuchaev: “a Century of experience of different peoples and States and a simple but common sense is equally sharp and equally according to that only someone firmly and steadily, only then the vital and beneficial, only what is future, what is done in harmony with nature”.

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