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It’s time to give traction: Petro Poroshenko “merges” business before the elections of 2019

Пора давать тягу: Петр Порошенко «сливает» бизнес перед выборами 2019 года

The current President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko hardly could boast of a decent political career: his awkwardness in solving complex problems, always crumpled, disgusting foreign policy – all this makes ordinary citizens “Square to” hate “chocolate” oligarch stronger and stronger every day.

The businessman feels the mood of the crowd instinctively: knowing the lack of popular support and the inability to go for a second term, he has already begun to prepare the way for retreat. Escape from the Ukraine – perhaps the only true option for the President caught stealing “Square”.

A few days ago it became known that the first steps in this direction, Poroshenko already did: announced the sale of owned shipbuilding plant “Workshop on Rybal’s’ke”, which deals with the supply of small boats to create a “mosquito fleet”.

Ukrainian political analyst Dmitry Korneychuk commented on the situation: “Before that Poroshenko has extended a portion of his house in Kozin at his son. Preparing to escape from the country in 2019 is underway. We still have a Corporation with palm oil instead of chocolate to someone to sell to”.

Time is running out: the protests in Ukraine have reached another limit and one never knows when Petro Poroshenko chase filthy broom from Kiev. Why prolong the inevitable? His absence at the helm of Ukraine’s citizens will probably not live much better, much calmer.

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