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“It’s official”: Marat Safin broke up with Opera singer Aida Garifullina


Beautiful novel 36-year-old tennis player Marat Safin and 29-year-old Opera singer Aida Garifullina, unfortunately, ended. The first time the pair long time hid their relationship, but this summer Marat and Aida was captured during a romantic walk around Kazan. And after in Instagram, the singer appeared lovers combines footage from Peter and then from Paris.

Marat and Aida

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Recently, however, the couple decided to part. The reason was the busy schedule of both. Admitted it itself Aida, she said, they with Marat remained good friends: “We’re really not together anymore. Relations with Marat, these days spent together, I will never forget. He’s a big romantic, a real ideal man. Very elegant courting, arranged a unique date with candles, with flowers. We remained good friends — such a person I can’t afford to lose. Of course, I showed a favorite with my mother, she warmly received him, Marat made Leilu the Ildarovna a great impression.”


The singer also said that he and Marat could not become a full-fledged couple: “At some point we realized we can’t spend together as much time as you need in order to be a full-fledged couple. I constantly live in Vienna, tour a lot, go to the rehearsal, Marat its active life in Moscow, plus tournaments in different countries — he recently, for example, returned from Japan with the International tennis Premier League. I supported him, we often call each other”.


Also, the singer admitted that now her heart is free, but a new relationship she is in no hurry to get: “Now my heart is free — not in a hurry to start a family, I want first to realize in his career,” shared Aida in an interview with “StarHit”.

Marat and Aida in St. Petersburg

By the way, recently there were rumors about pregnancy Garifullina. It was rumored that the singer is already in her sixth month of pregnancy. However, the rumors have not been confirmed.

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