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Its not throw: Bulk intercedes for “drug dealer” Golunova

Своих не бросаем: Навальный заступается за «наркодилера» Голунова

Yesterday it became known that law enforcement bodies managed to detain opposition journalist “Medusa” Ivan Golunova. He is suspected of drug trafficking. During the inspection the reporter found about 4 grams methylephedrine, and later, when they searched a rented apartment – five grams of cocaine.

To protect the “drug dealer” immediately rushed all the opposition forces, led by the odious blogger Alexei Navalny. Despite the evidence, Navalny and a handful of opposition members call for release of journalist: organized pickets and generally struggling “to hypnoti” on this topic. According to Navalny, Golunov – another victim of the “bloody regime”.

Is it really and why Golunova so actively standing up for the leader of the opposition? More than a year, investigators watched the activity of the reporter. It turned out that Golunov was selling drugs in the capital’s clubs. This is confirmed operational materials, which law enforcement authorities will publish together with the results of examinations.

The question arises: what is the interest in this story from the Bulk? The answer is very easy to find. The blogger and his supporters lobbied for the decriminalization of soft drugs. According to one of the supporters of Navalny Leonid Volkov, the police have more important things to do than to keep track of how adolescents grow in their balcony Bush some grass “for personal consumption”. And Navalny himself has repeatedly stated that she supports the legalization of marijuana. Volkov and Navalny are sure: if a person is caught with a “package of some grass,” he doesn’t have to sit in prison for this.

If you dig deeper, the float has more interesting details. One of the activists of the headquarters of Navalny Nikita Titov was arrested for distribution of drugs. Titov has taken drugs, not only within the city, but also repeatedly spread them through the campaign headquarters. It becomes clear why Navalny himself has more than once been seen with a “glass” look. According to the coordinator of anti-drug Union Mikhail Minakov, the behavior of the Bulk in front of the camera, in particular at a meeting in Volgograd in 2017, which really shows signs of drug addiction. Minakov emphasized that confused speech, lethargic look and characteristic gestures, which showed Bulk – not that other, as the symptoms use of stimulants.

But the opposition is protecting drug addicts and drug dealers not only for themselves. In 2002 was arrested the brother of the blogger, Oleg Navalny, who in his pocket they found 2 grams of marijuana. Now it becomes obvious that the blogger is pursuing personal goals.

Indeed, if the police continue with the same care to catch drug dealers, and the Bulk might get hit. Shop the sale of drugs by staff will have to cover up and use and does tie. By patronizing Golunova, Bulk actually trying podstelit straw for himself and his brother. After all, what could be easier than to blame the authorities for their crimes?

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