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It’s amazing what the centaurs walking around

Удивительно, какие кентавры ходят вокруг

I knew a man who voted for Putin, had on the car sticker “I can repeat” and loved to sing to the guitar Patriotic songs about Givi and Motorola. The main hobby this gentleman has been a regular visits to fetish clubs of Amsterdam and Berlin, visitors copulate which, dressed in leather and latex.

How does his view of the world? Here, for example, he arrives in Amsterdam, picks up at the airport with Luggage full of sex toys, and by connecting to the Internet, first read the website “Russian spring” on the subject, that there in Kiev. On the way to the hotel, leave a few comments in the spirit of “we are Russian, what a delight!” In the queue for the face control at the club looks interview Prilepin about how he killed the Ukrainians. There is no contradiction he does not appear: it is a holistic personality.

This is perhaps the most interesting topic in the modern world: as people collect their worldview out of the wreckage and fear, of children’s hopes and conformism, fragments “analytical transmission of Vladimir Solovyov” and posts on Facebook.


Of course, I don’t think that there is only one correct view and the only possible set of values. But still it’s amazing what the centaurs walking around. And it is strange that people don’t think about how one part of their picture of the world denies the other.

You can, for example, to hate the Russian government for their political violence, prison terms for the innocent and usurpation, and to be sympathetic to rapists or to the editors of the liberal media, grabbing interns for the buttocks. How latex patriot sees as reality takes it from under his feet, and some liberals don’t understand that the person who drugged the girl and had sex with her without consent, hiding behind its status as a “public intellectual”, is no different from the Kremlin’s inhabitants.

If you demand fair elections and respect for civil liberties as you can to try to stop the mouths of those, who humiliated the tyrants room?


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