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IT’s already here – watch new trailer!

The new trailer for “It” is here! Yay! Finally!

The degree of expectation of this movie seems at times exceeded the boiling of the public in anticipation of the first teaser trailer, which only on the official page of the film on Facebook looked more than 133 million people. Warner Bros. Pictures fueled the interest as I could: first trailer shown at covente Comiccon in San Diego (no single frame in the Network is not leaked, only the verbal description of the video), then a few days before the premiere, and played a short preview of the announcements (this and this one in particular).

With the premiere of the trailer pulled up to the last. It came to that Director Andres Mosketti, instagram started to write comments almost threatening:

I’ve been awake since seven in the morning in anticipation of this trailer. You better upload it soon.

The audience went nuts and other social networks. Someone tweeted that “in the life of any trailer not waiting in the way”, and YouTube is another user joked:

Pre-order trailer and see the teaser today

And the truth is, many people, I think, were ready to pay money just to watch this video.

And now the time has come! Meet the new main trailer for the horror movie of this year and potentially the highest-grossing film with an R rating in the history of cinema. Look, share experiences, comment on what they saw. We’re going to be in online mode to track the emergence of localized versions of the trailer to present it to you here, one of the first in Runet.

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Wait for the Russian version of the trailer.

In anticipation of this trailer we, as usual, has published a number of interesting materials about the new “It”. If you suddenly have overlooked – check it out:

The kids from “It” chose who will play their grown-up heroes in the second part of the film;

Joe hill called the 5 scariest horror movies

IT: New footage, concept art, plot details!

When the town of Derry, Maine, children begin to disappear, a few guys are faced with their greatest fears and forced to face off with the evil clown Pennywise, whose cruelty and the list of victims goes back centuries.

You know the rest. Director – Andres, Moschetti. The role Pennywise – bill Skarsgard. The role of the Leper – Javier Botet. And a lot of young talents in the role of Losers and their enemies from the gang Bowers. In Russia, we will see “It” (It) September 7, 2017.

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