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Italy has offered to make “defense of Schengen”

Италия предложила сделать «оборонный шенген» According to Rome, defense of the EU must be strengthened independently of NATO and the US role in the Alliance.

The Minister of defense of Italy Robert Pinotti advocates the establishment of a “defence of Schengen” within the European Union.

She stated this in an interview with the newspaper Messaggero.

“European defense must be submitted as a single unit, both inside and outside NATO. Europe of “two speeds” should be not only in the economy. The necessary “defense of the Schengen area” by strengthening the cooperation between Italy, France, Germany and Spain,” said Pinotti.

In her view, the defence of the EU should be strengthened, independently from NATO and the US role in the Alliance.

“European defence should be strengthened not only in order to increase the defensive capabilities of the EU, but because if inside NATO European States will act separately, it will be an element of weakness. For NATO, it is also important that Europe was United in a defensive strategy,” added Pinotti.

She also noted that Italy, France, Germany and Spain should cooperate to implement the ideas of joint defense.

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