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Italian surgeon shared the secret of immortality

Итальянский хирург поделился секретом бессмертия Opening of the mystery plaguing mankind for decades.

Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero, who is currently preparing for the world’s first transplant of a human head, said that have found a way to ensure immortality.

He said that the door to immortality opens with the transplant of a human brain, since the brain transplant an older man in a young body leads to the rejuvenation of the cells. In addition, the brain transplant solves the main problem of head transplant – the risks for the immune system.

Italian surgeon plans to outpace Russian scientists who plan to carry out transplantation of human brain into an artificial body. “The Russian task is to provide the human brain an artificial body until 2025. I have three, a maximum of five years will be able to carry out the first brain transplant in the human body. They want to put the brain in a mechanical body, I — now,” said Canavero.

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As emphasized by the surgeon, we are talking about a complete change in appearance. “Because we are talking about transplanting heads, and the brain, which wakes up not only in a new body, but with a new face. In the future, when it will be possible to clone people as now it is done with all animals, the brain can be transplanted into his usual shell, but much younger. And this will be possible before the end of this century,” added Canavero.

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