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It was canceled on the game Mass Effect

Стало известно об отмененной игре от разработчиков Mass EffectThe company BioWare had high hopes for Revolver and planned to make her most ambitious role-playing game.

It turned out that the company BioWare for some time been engaged in the development of new games. After a global investigation managed to get the footage and details of the cancelled project from the creators of Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Source of information was the user leading YouTube channel called Unseen64. As you know, in 2005, BioWare released Jade Empire is a role-playing game with elements of action, which tells about the events in jade Empire, reminiscent of the Eastern countries. In the same year, the Studio’s founder revealed the fact that development continue.

And although the original Jade Empire was well received by critics and players, it is not to find commercial success. So from the very beginning, when developing Jade Empire 2, it was decided to focus the game on more mass. The developers abandoned the Eastern locations and focus on martial arts. The world game made the futuristic city of the future, the game started to appear solely under the code name Revolver.

The company BioWare had high hopes for Revolver and planned to make her most ambitious role-playing game for the history of this genre. The main character shared traits in common with superhero and was reminded of inFamous. However, not everything went according to the plans, as progression of the development had to abandon many ideas.

The farther was the development, the harder it became BioWare. The story and gameplay exist as if in different universes. Due to the fact that a player could kill a man, outstanding job, I had to reassign this role to another character, who began to issue the job is killed. All this created difficulties, coupled with the fact that the developers couldn’t choose a graphic style for the upcoming games. At some point, the Revolver looked like the Borderlands through the use of cell-shading, which is most closer picture to comics.

Revolver has been in development since 2005 to 2009. During this time, BioWare managed to release a number of games. When Revolver decided to close, the developers were ready the main gameplay and story, the project was in a playable stage.

In 2007, BioWare released Mass Effect, in 2009, the release of Dragon Age: Origins. These are the two main series, development of which today deals with the Studio. She has also released Star Wars: The Old Republic in 2008, which still continues to get updates.

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