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“IT” was an alternate ending

We already talked about that in the new film adaptation of “It” were the scenes that were not included in the final version of the painting. So last week it became known that the film could be shown on the background Pennywise, but in the end these shots were not used, and perhaps we will see them in the second part. But the scene, which will be now it already precisely will not appear in “It”.

During an interview with Variety , the young actor Jaden, Liberar, who performed in the film Andres, Mosketti the role of bill Denbrough, said that the final “It” could be different:

I had a scene where I climbed to the top of the tower at the end. I’m chasing Georgie, climb the tower and face one-on-one with Pennywise, and then say I’m not afraid of him that none of the Losers aren’t afraid of him, and that’s how we win.

Well, I think the original ending really was much steeper. Teamwork is another heroism lone.

But they take those cues and put them into the final, right after our big fight. So I have it all when bill Skarsgard grabbed me and pushed off of the ledge, and I had to wear a harness. It was a more complex scene.

Perhaps on DVD and Blu-ray extras materials will be an alternative ending? It would be interesting. At least, we have promised an extended version of “It”, and we look forward to it!

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