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IT showed That in the new trailer?

Continue to overwhelm you with info about the upcoming “It.” This morning in San Diego visitors Convention Comiccon could see a couple of excerpts from the film, which detailed description can be found here. More importantly, it was shown, and a brand new TRAILER. Of course, we all hope to see this movie in the near future, but for now – read the description of the video made by the journalists [i]Entertainment Weekly[/i].

The trailer starts with a plan of the city of Derry: a small and idealistic. Beautiful old buildings, a neat main street, the road with the alley sides and a beautiful, quiet household. The voice of the boy (probably Ben Hanscom).

When you’re a kid, you think the whole universe revolves around you. You’ll always be taken care of and protected. Then, one day, you realize that this is – not true.

Then show Ben that the bullies grabbed near the bridge. He pulled up his shirt, and Henry Bowers with a knife carves his initials on the belly fat Ben.

By slowly passing the car, inside of which sits an elderly couple. Old people look at what is happening, but no help from Ben. As soon as the car pulls away further, Ben saw a lone red balloon, flying up from the back seat.

Then we see Georgie Denbrough, younger brother bill, in his yellow raincoat. See the paper boat, floating down the gutter and diving into the drain.

A boy’s voice-over continues:

Because when you’re a lonely child – the beast you see how weak you are. And you don’t even know about their approach. Until it is too late.

In the dark failure of the drain flicker of the eye. Then a face appears. Pennywise The Dancing Clown. He holds a paper boat in his hand. IT whispers:

Here… Take him…

A frame from the first trailer.

Then again we see the street. The drain. But there is no boat, there is clown… and there’s Georgie.

Another boy, Mike Hanlon, said:

Everything bad that happens in this town happens because of one thing. Something evil

Guys are known as Losers, and viewed an old story of Derry: drawings carved on the trunks of trees, images of clashes and outbreaks of violence. Everywhere they found the same familiar face they see it in the crowd – the same face that appeared in the drain.

In a dimly lit family home Denbrough, bill follows the muddy prints of small children’s feet, leading him to the kitchen where he sees a tiny figure in a yellow raincoat.

Bill goes after the Ghost of his brother in the basement, where Georgie or something pretending im hiding in the corner. The basement flooded, the rain water covers the floor.

From the dark water rises a couple of amber-colored eyes.

The Ghost of Georgie the fun says:

If you’re coming with me, you too will carry

(or, “will you follow”, if translated according to the Canon, and not, as localizers have translated the first trailer)

A frame from the first trailer.

Somehow, bill manages to survive this stage. And he says to friends:

I just saw something…

One of the Losers says:


The most timid and weak in the company, Eddie:

I saw him too.

Then we see the window through the gray fog. Blurry face of a clown, two shimmering orange eyes. The dead lights.

Bill asks:

What will happen when Georgie will be gone the next?.. We’ll just pretend it never happened, like everyone else in this town? Or are we going to stick together?

The soundtrack at this point sounds hellish, pulsating chorus of thousands of little Georgie, screaming:

You will also carry… You will also carry… You will also carry…

Then comes silence. Richie Tozier enters the dark room. It is chock-full of puppet clowns. Different puppet clown, big and small.

One of the dolls turns her head when Richie passes by. Then another.

In the center of the room is another doll that’s particularly creepy. Pennywise lifts his head, bares his sharp teeth and rushes forward, shouting – at the same time furious and triumphant.

The end. Thank God this is the end 🙂

Can’t wait when IT will be possible to see with my own eyes. Premiere of the film will take place on 7 September 2017. While once again reviewing the first trailer…

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