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IT officially got a R rating for the Mat, blood, and violence!

All exhaled. Now this is not the reasoning of the producers, and the official information: rating Association MPAA gave the film Andres, Moschetti “It” (It) the most that neither is an adult R rating for “violence/horror, bloody scenes and obscene language”.

In other words, in the film there will be blood, there will be violence, there will be horrors will be a Mat (in the Russian hire Mat, alas, most likely not, we know our localizers). And thank Pennywise, I’ll tell you that, because PG-13 — definitely NOT for “It”.

From the realm of death, a new incarnation of chilling horror. IT lurks in the shadows everywhere. And here are a few school friends, returning home to meet THIS face to face. IT knows all their fears, as if deeply hidden they may be, IT draws power from hatred and frustration. A creature without a name and clear forms eating that nasty and evil that lurked in them.

September 8 will be the world premiere of the first part of the planned novels. And we are all very excited. Let’s celebrate official assignment to film “adult” rating, for the thousandth time reviewing the trailer… and at the same time review all those videos that appeared after the release of the trailer online.

A localized trailer:

The trailer for “It” in 1990 in the style of “It” in 2017:

“It” according to McDonald’s:

It is with the Cat in the hat:

“It” style series “Very strange case”:

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