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It looks like a girl with creepy alien eyes

Так выглядит девочка с жуткими инопланетными глазами The eyes of this girl have a high sensitivity and a spooky appearance.

Looking at pictures of 2-year-old resident of Minnesota Melanie Dickerson, many Internet users have come to the conclusion that it’s ultra-realistic baby doll, or the images were mounting.

Some regulars do believe that on these images depicted a hybrid of human and alien. Well, someone recalls with a shudder the terrible urban legends about supernatural kids with black eyes.

The eyes of the girl in fact is almost completely black. Little American girl has a rare genetic disorder called syndrome Aksenfeld-Rieger, which makes the structure of its pupils broken, and the iris is completely absent. Due to this unnaturally huge pupils Melanie occupy almost the entire front of her eyes, giving the child at the same time charming, like a cartoon character, and somewhat frightening.

Dickerson is very lucky that her condition limited to merely the external attractiveness and high light sensitivity of the eye, where our heroine is forced to wear sunglasses even in low sun. Many other children with the syndrome Aksenfeld-Rieger occur glaucoma and deafness. The girl’s mother Karina Dickerson said that some strangers seriously frightened eyes of a little girl (without her glasses), but the Carina finds them incredibly beautiful.

According to the woman, when her daughter was born, Melanie’s eyes, Melanie was perfectly normal for a baby. Only over time parents began to notice that her pupils dilate more and more, closing the iris, and bright light causes the baby pain.

At 5 months old she had eye surgery to reduce the risk of developing glaucoma. Relatives hope that appearance will not be an obstacle for normal communication Melanie with peers, and in the future – for a full life…

Так выглядит девочка с жуткими инопланетными глазами

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