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It is within you, so “Let her out”! (TRAILER)

Canadian independent horror film “Let it out” (Let Her Out) is preparing for the imminent release, and for this reason the creators have rolled out a sweet trailer of the film. Zone Horror wrote about this project last year, then a terrible twin sister rolling on the festivals, intriguing us the first juicy staff.

The story here is also quite a fit:

Helen — the motorcycle courier who is experiencing psychological problems after the accident. As physical recovery, she begin to attend strange vision, hallucinations, memory lapses and nightmares. She learns that she has a tumor, the cause of which — in utero twin, the remains of which have been inside the girl. Now this “second” Helen manifests itself as a dark and ominous personality…

The main role is played Alanna Levers (short film “Inferno”) Also, the caste was lit Nina Kiri (“the handmaid’s Tale”), Adam Christie (“Warehouse 13”) and Kate Fenton (“the Kingdom”).

Put a picture of Cody Calahan (“Antisocial”), he co-authored with actor Adam Sabados (“Hell’s mouth”) wrote the script.

The release of “Let her go” is on VOD platforms October 20, 2017.

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