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IT is the highest grossing horror film of all time. Or not?..

“It” (It) is a film adaptation of the novel by Stephen king from Director andrés, Moschetti – is surely an outstanding hit and genre phenomenon. And “It” has already collected a lot of money (and collect even more, because the rental is still going). But still Warner Bros. do not entirely correct when you say its a horror film the highest grossing horror film of all time.

A formal occasion to make such an announcement, the Studio doesn’t have one. But if you dig deeper, it becomes clear – the PR people just enjoy the opportunity to once again make some noise about this film.

So, this is news. “It” 14 days car hire in the USA collected 236,34 million dollars at the box office. And it really is a record by numbers, as considered to be the highest grossing horror film of all time “the exorcist” gathered 232,9 million – for ALL time of hire.

Hip-hip-Hooray Pennywise!

However, there are still a few films that to a greater or lesser degree be attributed to the genre of horror and collected, maybe more. For example, “I am legend” (256,3 million). Or “the Sixth sense” (293,5 million). Finally, Jaws (260 million) – some idiot suddenly decided that it’s not a horror movie?!

However, “It” has all chances to overtake at the end of the hire in the US, all the aforementioned paintings.

But that’s not all. After all, if to count honestly, you should consider inflation. And then we will understand what really “It” – with all the obvious and brilliant success, far away to the real “Champions of the film”.

Because adjusted for inflation it turns out that the “Sixth sense” assembled in the USA more than 511 million, “the exorcist” more than 983 million, and “Jaws” and all 1 billion (!) 138 million.

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