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It is really a question about Homeland

Это действительно вопрос о Родине

Honored today thoughts of respected people, about the fact that it appears to reveal the names of the killers, if they work for the Kremlin – “treason”. Ohrenel.

Very “butt” was made by the Kremlin (Putin) about the “traitor Skripal”.
Nuts, but not because of this (They’re all good. So a colleague know better). Putin deigned to joke and say that killing the homeless is a function of the “cleanup service” is!

We all remember the country and the regime, this “cleanup service”. It is the fascists.
So tell me dear “patriots” – to cover the Nazis and servants of the Nazis is also to “serve the Motherland”?!

I’m in the West often speak to experts always say: intelligence (CCGT) – in today’s world – almost journalistic work (if given bribes or blackmail is used, it is necessary to punish for bribes or blackmail). It’s just that these “journalists” work for a very narrow audience (sometimes 2 people). Their work also makes the world transparent and therefore safer.

Saboteurs – quite a different matter. If there is no war they are just murderers, terrorists. Those who direct them in to non-combatants or against civilians are criminals. If this is to organize a routine part of business – organization is criminal and to judge people need the fact of belonging to such an organization.

To help stop the activities of killers, a matter of honor of every normal person. If a man in a vest with an inscription “Russia” on Your eyes kills a woman (or more precisely one kills and the other cripples) you will pass, since only one of them in a t-shirt “Russia”, and the second with the words “great Britain”?! If he runs away, you’re not going to help the police find him?!

Guys – you ohreneli! You know – to live it all, the money is given difficult, sometimes you have to go on the transaction with own conscience. But there are issues when the “deal” is impossible and it is necessary to choose side of the barricades.

It is really a question about Homeland. What it be. And if you need to pay for the choice in favor of Russia Sakharov and Likhachev, against Russia, Yezhov and Beria his life, 10 years of life or just the fee, well – it’s worth it…

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